williamsburg & bushwick shows

progress update pics for A.M. Richard gallery: “Coney Island”

the pieces for the photograms for coney island installation

the finished photograms

for Nurture Art Gallery: “No Place in Bushwick”

Bushwick Biennial installation piece in progress

…wanting something so intensely you turn inside out, like going all the way around on the swingset; the rides and experiences at coney island in its utopian heyday were intended to deliver an otherworldly experience, to transport the person to a place completely detached from the reality of gritty manhattan – a dreamland, underwater, the moon, anywhere. no place.

the small-scale installation at A.M. Richard gallery will represent my vision of coney island. i’m undecided about going to visit coney. i already know its multilayered history of escapist fantasy, and the feud between this unreal environment and the natural landscape of the atlantic coast. the piece will be a memory of what coney island was like before i’m let down by it’s current exhausted state. i’m building a coney island i won’t visit.

the bushwick biennial piece for nurture art gallery continues these themes, centering on the process of building non-places with an installation that will include viewfinders scavenged from disposable cameras.

“What you alter in remembering has yet a reality, known or not.” Cormac McCarthy, The Road. This line coming about halfway through the book is as if a violent pink wad of bubblegum was spat smack in the eye of the bleakest dystopian bleached gray. that’s a beautiful thing.

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