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some artifacts

through-the-viewfinder pics of six new photographs

building a case

for analog photography. #filmsnotdead

something new

from the storm. more on the way

2nd analog photograph made during #gobrooklynart

a viewed through the viewfinder, and of studio setup.

made this analog photo in the studio yesterday during #gobrooklynart

Bushwick Open Studios June 2-3, 2012

here are details for a show i’m in, AB/OB/OB, and my open studio. both June 2-3, 12pm to 7pm during #BOS2012.


another one for sept.: through the viewfinder, and setup


everyone should have books. the setup at the top of the stack is for september’s show.

casting a cave

once the styrofoam is removed crystal shapes will fill the caverns on the reverse side of this hillside.
a few websites for reference:
7 types
grow your own

the learn-science website (click image) provides paper templates for making your own crystal shapes.

this really is the last one

for the january show – processing the film tonight