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2nd analog photograph made during #gobrooklynart

a viewed through the viewfinder, and of studio setup.

made this analog photo in the studio yesterday during #gobrooklynart

new drawings

new drawings that will end up in photographs

new drawings for photographs

drawings for backgrounds of photographs for a new series (begun end of last year) about a place outside of grand ledge:


Three new photographs from a new series:

Mountain 3, 2012, gelatin silver print, 5 x 7.75in

Mountain 4, 2012, gelatin silver print, 5 x 7in

Mountain 5, 2012, gelatin silver print, 7.5 x 5in

a few more drawings

for photographs

around orchard, ludlow, baxter

a busy weekend =

made in places on several streets. more of this stuff here.

project sketches

for a proposed show at a non-profit gallery in south boston.

the first, a large-ish piece: loosely connected masses with multiple entrances as to parks… this is a detail (referance images here)

the second, a mid size piece: plaster/polystyrene quarry with wax mineral deposits, mining structures, and wood/paper quartz

studio pic from 11-15-2009

The next few images will have the crumbling stone arch maquette in various stages of reconstruction, toward this state.

Studio setup for photograph + drawings

planes like leaves thrown up by passing cars.
i used a drawing (also below) of a stack of those steel plates that cover road repairs in this one. the stack was on the corner of S3rd and Havemeyer. the green stuff is packing peanuts cut in strips.