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Neighborhood Public Radio at the Whitney 2008

I was interviewed by A.M. Richard May 15 2008 on Neighborhood Public Radio during their final month of broadcasting at the 2008 Whitney Biennial. My interview begins 15 minutes into the ‘Conversation with A.M. Richard’ at the link above.

minstallation gallery

Minstallation Gallery at the Creative Alliance was named “Best Little Show” in City Paper’s Best of Baltimore 2008.

Way back in 1993 the Baltimore Museum of Art brought the Théâtre de la Mode–miniature dolls made during war-torn, occupied France to showcase its haute couture, down to shoes and jewelry, installed in sets designed by the likes of Jean Cocteau–to town. In January, local artist R.L. Tillman made this idea–grand, imaginative art on a small scale–a rotating installation, showcasing intimate ideas from Eric Dyer, Post-Typography, James Reeder, and Lauren Amussen, who have each taken over the 225 square inches–with 14-inch ceilings–of the Minstalltion gallery housed under the stairs on the Creative Alliance’s first floor. If you’ve never paused to take a peek, you’re missing one of the true joys of the art year.”

Pictures from my May 2008 exhibition at Minstallation Gallery are here.